Get an Eye Exam Before Driving

To measure visual acuity, you must get an eye exam done by a professional: an optometrist. This expert will judge, using the Snellen chart, if you are able to drive safely. If the disorder has a minor effect, the optometrist will prescribe, as required, glasses, corrective lenses or contact lenses. Sunglasses should also be worn when driving to correct vision in sunny weather.

The law states that if a driver has anything under 6/15 vision in both eyes, he is absolutely not fit for driving. Be aware that if you have glasses on your driver’s licence picture, wearing them is mandatory while driving, otherwise, you run the risk of being heavily fined.

Tips From Optometrists for Night Driving

Night driving puts a strain on our eyes, and it is essential to be as careful as possible in order to anticipate any unexpected situation. Optometrists also state that our perception of things is not as accurate at night, even with glasses or contact lenses. Optometrists and opticians recommend extra vigilance at night due to our limited central vision, our poor contrast sensitivity and distorted vision.

It is therefore recommended to use anti-reflecting glasses that you can buy in a shop, to reduce the glare of car headlights. If you cannot stand wearing glasses at night, you can also choose contact lenses which have a wider field of view than conventional glasses.

What Kind of Eyeglasses Should You Wear While Driving in the Sun?

Driving in the sun is a big challenge. The sun’s reflection is relatively strong sometimes and, without quality sunglasses, it is difficult and dangerous to drive. There are several kinds of UV protection to protect your eyes. They are categorized between 0 and 4. Nonetheless, it’s prohibited to drive if you’re using stage 4 protection, as this may distort sections of the road.

Polarized glasses are a great asset to avoid being dazzled while driving. Polarized eyeglasses can adapt to the light to significantly reduce glare and avoid getting blinded. After emerging from a tunnel, the eye needs time to readjust. Another advantage offered by polarized sunglasses is that they speed up this process.

With this little guide full of info and tips, you now know how to care of your eye health while driving. At VU, an optometrist and eyewear company in Montreal, we offer a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are suitable for driving at any time of the day or night.

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