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Treating dry eye at the source

Our clinic has advanced technologies to determine the stage of dry eye, but also the cause of the imbalance. You therefore have access to diagnostic expertise and a highly proven treatment process. Ditch the dry eye drops and treat yourself to a tailored solution, overseen by experts who care about your eye health.

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What causes your dry eyes?

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Do you live with dry eye syndrome? You are not alone. This is indeed a fairly common assignment. Its symptoms can become very incapacitating; we think among other things, of itching, burning or tearing of the eyes. 

But what causes those dry eyes? A host of factors: hormonal fluctuations, allergies, frequent use of screens, taking certain medications and more. However, the cause is physiological in some cases. 

In order to eliminate these causes and find better solutions than dry eye drops, consult your optometrist now.

The Data on Dry Eye

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of the Population

Dry Eye Disease is considered a public health problem affecting more than a quarter of Canadians. 1



The two officially recognized types are aqueous deficiency (ADDE) and evaporative deficiency (EDE).2

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Screen Time

Frequent use of screens is a brand new risk factor related to dry eyes. It is estimated that 88% of the increase in the disease is related to it.3

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The severity of dry eye disease is underestimated in 41% of patients, hence the importance of having access to the best technologies for diagnosis. 4

A range of services within your reach

In addition to offering you one of the largest choices of frames in Montreal, we also give you access to an eye clinic offering various optometry services. Trust our experience and our obvious passion for the optimal vision and ocular health of our patients.

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