Eyeglasses with metal frames

There are many styles of frames available, including those made of metal. These frames have the advantage of being very resistant to shocks. Also, metal frames, especially those made from modern titanium-based alloys, are known to be lightweight and more discreet. In most cases, metal frames go well with delicate facial features. However, it should be noted that the thicker the sides of the frame, the more the face will be emphasized.

But beware of allergies! Some people cannot tolerate metals such as aluminium, cobalt or nickel on their skin. Hypoallergenic options such as titanium and stainless steel remain the best options to avoid complications.

Glasses with plastic frames

Most of the time, your optometrist will offer you plastic frames. This material is really appreciated because it offers a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns. Plastic frames are often cheaper but are still very strong. With the help of your optometrist, it is possible to find quality eyeglasses to fit your budget. In addition to being solid and cheaper, plastic frames can adapt to almost all types of lenses and prescriptions.

Eyeglasses with a plastic frame tend to be showier than the others. They are often recommended for younger people who want to stand out from their peers, but also for anyone who wants to let their personality speak.

Eyeglasses with wooden frames

Eyeglasses with wooden frames have been more expensive in the past. Today, it is possible to find glasses with this kind of mount at reasonable prices. Ask your optometrist to find a pair that will be made specifically for you! It is the perfect model for demonstrating your ecological values, while providing a chic appearance. Wooden frames are a little more fragile than other types of frames, and must be handled gently.

Optometrists, opticians, eye care professionals: they are there to advise you

In addition to providing your prescription, optometrists are also the right professionals to help you in your choice of frames. They will look at the different types of materials and the shape of your face, and will be able to advise you by taking into account your lifestyle and the kind of activities you enjoy. In addition to helping you in your selection, optometrists can also answer your questions about the origin and the quality of different lenses and frames. More and more, eyeglasses are being manufactured using new, innovative materials. With this new trend towards differentiation, the ability to trace the origin of the materials in your glasses is just as important for you as a consumer as for your optometrist as a prescriber.
At the VU eyeglass store in Montreal, optometrists and opticians have long been offering a wide range of eyewear with the most innovative materials and styles available anywhere: from elegant frames to noble materials to hand-made frames, VU offers a wide range of choice in eyeglasses and sunglasses, from the traditional to the trendiest!

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