What is a chalazion?


A chalazion is the result of blockage in one or more of the Meibomius glands, which are responsible for the healthy secretion of a lipid layer that guards against the premature evaporation of tears. Left without treatment, the Chalazion can cause permanent loss of these glands and lead to dry eye disease. VU uses cutting-edge LLLT technology to quickly and safely treat chalazions. Make an appointment with one of our skilled and experienced optometrists for a diagnosis and treatment plan.


Unparalleled treatments


LLLT Eye-Light (Light Modulation) treatment targets the Meibomius glands themselves. This patented photobiomodulation technology triggers ATP production at the cellular level to help unblock and restore the palpebral glands. A face mask facilitates the painless laser therapy, which is composed of an array of specialized LEDs set to a specific wavelength. Chalazion treatment requires 2 sessions of 15 minutes, 96 hours apart.

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