In recent years, the number of online sales sites for eyeglasses and sunglasses has skyrocketed. This is a new and growing phenomenon, which also brings uncertainties about the quality of the services and products received. Our optometrists breakdown why you should be cautious of buying you glasses online in 4 points.

Buying your first pair of glasses online: a risky bet

For your first purchase of eyeglasses, it is highly recommended to get in touch with an experienced optometrist and take the time needed to get proper assistance. He or she can explain the process and the technical details mentioned in your prescription. The optometrist will ensure regular follow-ups to keep an eye on how you are adaptating to your new glasses and adjust them if necessary.

It is only after a little experience and a few pairs of glasses that you can really be comfortable choosing glasses that are perfectly adapted to your face shape. Bas choices are easily made in the beginning, which is a pity, considering the investment high quality sunglasses can represent. A competent eye doctor can give you good advice to get you started.

Also, there are dozens of different materials used in making glasses. Each has very specific characteristics adapted to different lifestyles.

Lack of advice

Choosing your new pair of glasses is not to be taken lightly, it is so much more than a simple everyday accessory. In-store, optometrist specialists take care of you and guide you during your purchase to help you find the best frame to flatter your morphology, but also your lifestyle.

Beyond the correction, which is written on your prescription, your optometrist will take the time to measure your pupil distance, i.e. the distance between your two pupils starting from the middle of your face. Usually, online stores let you measure for yourself. However, when your pupil distance is not measured by a specialist, you may run the risk of wearing glasses that are unsuitable for your eyesight and your daily life.

Online purchasing does not go hand in hand with strong corrections

When prescribing progressive lenses, it is strongly recommended to make adjustments to the glasses that are much more precise than conventional lenses. The same applies to relatively high corrections (above -3).

In addition, you must be very careful about the origin of the materials used to make your glasses, given their complexity. Obviously, materials can be hard to trace when you order on the Internet. At your optometrist, the quality of the lenses and their thickness are priority elements that are never left to chance.

The origin and quality of the materials

Often overlooked, frames purchased online usually come from China and are made of injected plastic that is very unstable in the event of an impact. In this case, it is therefore better to favour the purchase of glasses from major brands to ensure a certain level of quality.
In general, glasses ordered online are assembled abroad and rarely by specialists. On the other hand, this is always done in-store by an optometrist or an optician. The same applies to adjustments, which can only be made in-store. Be aware that poorly fitted glasses can cause discomfort, migraines and aches. All the more reason not to take your purchase lightly!

From a cost point of view, online purchases may seem more advantageous. However, a fragile bezel, poorly adapted to your vision or poorly adjusted for your morphology may result in unpredictable costs later.  With the purchase in-store, you will have the assurance of purchasing a durable quality product, fully adapted to your vision and, above all, you will have access to a personalized after-sales service for the adjustment of your pair of glasses at any time.

At VU, optometrists in Montreal, we offer a virtual tool that allows you to try your future glasses for the first time. Our optometrists will take the time to advise you according to your needs starting with your first visit.

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