You come back from your eye exam and the verdict is: your vision needs correction. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult or an adult, your optometrist’s diagnosis may not thrill you. This is normal and you will have to adapt to this change in your everyday life. Simple things such as the pressure of the glasses on your face, the change in vision and each frame’s features must be considered. However, this transition can be easier with few tricks!

Tip 1: Find the pair of glasses that suits you.

It is important to choose a pair of glasses that fits the shape of your face well. In addition to being a fashion accessory, your glasses reflects a part of who you are. You can ask your friends or your optician to help you choose, as well as trying several pairs of glasses before making a final decision. Besides the shape, the materials of your eyeglasses are also to be considered. For example, glasses with metal frames are stronger, and if the side of the frame is thick, the frame will bring out the shape of your face. Thinner faces are well suited for this style! A less common style is wooden frames, which have an ecological and unique aspect to them. Check out our article on different eyeglass frame materials to learn more!

Tip 2: Adopt the right reflexes when wearing your new glasses.

Initially, it is normal to find glasses slightly uncomfortable. To adapt to this new habit, it is recommended to start wearing them gradually. Start by wearing them for an hour, then take a break. Increase the time spent wearing your glasses little by little to get used to the pressure on your nose and the prescription. It is also advisable to clean your glasses frequently so that the vision remains clear and you thus avoid headaches. Above all, it must be remembered that glasses are not a burden, but rather a trendy accessory that allows you to express yourself all while maintaining the health of your eyes. When removing your eyeglasses, always store them in a protective case to avoid breaking them or losing them. Wearing new glasses is a habit to maintain and will become a reflex with time.

Tip 3: Contact lenses, an alternative to eyeglasses

Glasses are not made for everyone, they can be cumbersome for athletes or outdoor enthusiasts wanting to avoid breakage or foggy glasses. Others simply cannot find a pair of glasses that suits them or find that adapting to them is too difficult and uncomfortable. That being said, even though wearing glasses can be your worst nightmare, it is necessary to have your eyes checked by an optometrist. Other eyewear options such as contact lenses are now available. Contact lenses come in a wide range of characteristics and can correct various eye disorders. The characteristics and the quality of lenses vary from one brand to another, hence the importance of trying on different models to find the most comfortable one.

Wearing eyeglasses for the first time should be bringing you relief, not disappointment. When it comes to correcting your vision, optometrists help you preserve it, as well as allow you to reveal a new facet of your personality. At VU, optometrists in Montreal, our experienced optometrists advise you according to your needs and offer a virtual try-on tool that allows you to try on glasses directly online.

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