Sunglasses can be worn all year round !

Are you one to associate sunglasses with summer? Well, that is a misconception! Decent eye protection is even more essential in winter, as the sun is lower throughout this season, which is more blinding and therefore more aggressive to the eyes.

Don’t be fooled by the winter’s white coat of snow that’s so beautiful to glance at. Snow reflects the sun’s UV rays, which are very harmful for your eyes. UV rays can cause many eye problems such as cataracts, headaches, eye cancer, snow blindness and many other complications.

Take care of your eyes and make your pair of sunglasses a stylish accessory. There’s something for every taste, for every age and, above all, for every lifestyle. Optometrists at VU’s optometry will help you find a pair that’s trendy for the season and that perfectly suits you.


Great trends to discover this season

Trends vary a lot this winter season of 2020 in terms of colors, shapes and styles. You’re sure to find the sunglasses that you are looking for among our wide selection to express your personality to the fullest! Whether they are made of acetate, metal or a combination of materials, the following glasses are this winter’s “must have” for both eyewear and sunglasses.


Shapes to look out

The emblematic cat eye frame, as elegant as ever, will seduce the most sophisticated among you. For the bolder ones, geometric shapes will turn heads this winter, both for sunglasses and eyewear. Round, square, rectangular… there is a shape for everyone! On the other hand, the high-bridge frames will bring a retro look to all you vintage lovers.

See the models Rag & Bone : and Tom Ford :


The matrix style 

The quintessence of the retro-futuristic wardrobe, the emblematic glasses from “The Matrix” are now becoming the new object of desire of all fashionistas. Accentuate the mysterious side of its narrow shape with dark tints for both the lens and the frame.

Must see : this Etnia model


The Oversized

This season, think big! No matter what shape they are, these glasses go wide and enlarge your visual range. The square shape is our personal favorite!

Must see : this Gucci model


The Shields 

Give your style a sporty and trendy edge with these technically sophisticated frames. These glasses will allow you to combine style and high protection.

Must see : this Tommy Hilfiger model


Solar Clips

With a very vintage look, this accessory is surely a revolution in the life of eyeglass wearers. Extremely versatile, clip glasses are the symbol of vintage and elegance.

Must see : this Lunetterie Generale model


Timeless styles

Round or aviator-style glasses will always be in the game. Always so easy to wear, these frames adapt to many styles and have already proven themselves throughout the years! 

Must see : this Hutington model


This season’s colors

This winter, dare to be exuberant with glasses tinted in unconventional colors, such as red or yellow. For the less daring, brown will also be a sensation this season. Metal frames in pink or gold will be particularly coveted by fashionistas. Lighter, more translucent colors will be favored for acetate frames. Above all, don’t lose sight of the ”Pantone” color of the year 2020, which will be classic blue!


VU, optometrists in Montreal, has just received its brand new Winter 2020 collection, featuring all the latest trends. Come and meet one of our passionate opticians who will advise you and help you choose the summer frame that suits you best.

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