Purchasing your pair of glasses is a real investment that deserves your full attention, and quality care. Good glasses are the gateway to maintaining healthy eyes, and avoiding worsening your visual acuity.

Our passionate VU optometrists give you all their best advice!


The Essentials

Although this may seem obvious, in order to avoid scratches as much as possible it is advised to never place your glasses lenses side down. Similarly, leaving them on the top of your head, or hanging from your sweater’s collar are not good ideas. Indeed you run the risk of forgetting them there or dropping them. Obviously, avoid seats, chairs, and sofas as it is far too easy to accidentally sit on them.

Ideally, it is best to get into the habit of systematically storing your glasses in their case after each use in order to avoid damaging them. In terms of the casing, it is usually preferable to have a hard casing, rather than a flexible one. For instance, your glasses will be better protected in your bag.  


Clean your Glasses Gently

To ensure optimal vision and correct vision, it is recommended that you clean your lenses and frame daily.

Forget about cleaning them with abrasive products, go simple and use warm water and a little soap. Gently rub the frame and lenses to remove all traces of fat and other impurities.  Over-the-counter spray cleaners are also very effective. With just a few sprays you can wipe the lenses with a specifically designed cloth for microfibre lenses.

Be cautious against water that is too hot as it could crack the anti-reflective effect on the lenses. In addition, contrary to popular belief, hot water is less effective at removing dust and impurities.

Our optometrists and opticians advise having a microfiber wipe in your case at all times for minor touch-ups during the day. This particular fabric has the advantage of being very soft on glasses and very effective in removing fingerprints.


Heat: your Glasses’ Nemesis.  

As previously mentioned, hot water and heat can be harmful for your glasses, and sunglasses. Leaving your glasses on your dashboard, or on a radiator, or even opening the door to your oven with your glasses on your nose (resulting in the infamous unpleasant fog on your lenses) are all strongly ill-advised actions. The same applies to low temperatures, which can weaken corrective lenses and permanently alter anti-reflective coatings.


Making sure your glasses are adapted to your vision and going for regular adjustments to the frame are important actions to take. In order to do this, trust your optometrist who will be able to provide you with a complete check-up and make adjustments.

With more than 30 years experience in the optical field in Montreal, VU’s optometrists are available to advise you at all times on your glasses’ maintenance, both in-store and online.

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