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Gray optical lenses

A very olommon shade, gray is often prescribed to patients suffering from farsightedness, in other words, people who cannot see well up close. This colour offers the most natural vision possible. In fact, it does not conceal the natural colours, but simply enhances them to provide a uniform vision. Gray optical lenses provide optimal comfort, both under a bright sun and in cloudy weather. Thanks to their versatile nature, gray optical lenses for sunglasses are perfectly adapted for any sporting use requiring unmistakable colour rendition (cycling, hiking, mountain sports). Gray optical lenses are therefore suitable for all purposes. Although the colour itself is not showy, nothing prevents you from opting for a more decorative frame.

Green optical lenses

Popular with tennis and golf enthusiasts, green-tinted sunglasses are an indispensable tool if you’re looking for a visual experience that intensifies colours and enhances contrasts. Recommended for low light, this colour is a must for limiting visual fatigue, especially in urban areas. In low sunlight, the green / blue optical lens provides a relaxing effect without altering the other colours in the environment. 

Brown optical lenses

Tinted brown lenses are true technical tools when it comes to sunglasses. They are mostly used by athletes because of their performance when the light is strong. Benefiting from a well-measured ability to filter light, these sunglasses become clear when the light drops in intensity. Brown optical lenses also make it possible to discern the outline of objects more clearly, like clouds, which stand out in relief. The number 1 weapon for outdoor sports, brown optical lenses significantly reduce glare, which is why motorists, mountaineers and skiers like them so much.

Yellow optical lenses

When the light becomes less piercing, sunglasses with yellow optical lenses are able to blend the view into the outdoor environment elegantly and comfortably. Because of their colour, these optical lenses give the view a sense of depth, while gently increasing the contrasts. They are therefore very useful for driving, among other things. Recommended for the end of the day, sunglasses with yellow-tinted lenses do not distort vision and offer an immediate feeling of rest. Optometrists particularly recommend the use of these glasses when practising indoor sports.

Purple optical lenses

An effective alternative to brown optical lenses, the range of purple, orange and pink shades counterbalances the low sun and accentuates the appreciation of contrasts. The use of these optical lenses for sunglasses, however, does not provide the same comfort as brown optical lenses in a bright setting. But they are much better in mid-season or when clouds cover the sky.

The choice of the lens colour for sunglasses is not only a question of aesthetics.

Ask our optometrists and opticians – they will tell you which optical lenses are best suited to your lifestyle, while respecting your tastes and caring for your vision.

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