The Data on Dry Eye

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of the Population

Dry Eye Disease is considered a public health problem affecting more than a quarter of Canadians. 1



The two officially recognized types are aqueous deficiency (ADDE) and evaporative deficiency (EDE).2

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Screen Time

Frequent use of screens is a brand new risk factor related to dry eyes. It is estimated that 88% of the increase in the disease is related to it. 3

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The severity of dry eye disease is underestimated in 41% of patients, hence the importance of having access to the best technologies for diagnosis. 4

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a multifactorial and symptomatic disease that occurs in the ocular surface. It is characterized by a high evaporation rate of the tear film causing symptoms of discomfort, redness, impaired vision and burning that can negatively impact quality of life.

Some common dry eyes symptoms are:
  • 1 Burning and redness
  • 2 Discomfort and tired eyes
  • 3 Grittiness
  • 4 Watery eyes
  • 5 Blurry vision that improves with blinking

Diagnosis & treatment steps

At VU, we include a regular screening for dry eyes in all our eye exams. We use the OPD Scan III state-of-the-art scanner to take tens of thousands of measurements in a matter of seconds that allow us to quickly and accurately detect dry eye. Once identified, VU uses a Anteres topographer to obtain an advanced analysis of tear films, Meibomius glands and evaporation rates. With the results from these tests, an optometrist develops a personalized treatment plan for optimal results.

Dry eyes treatment steps
  • 1 Precision testing is included in our general eye exam
  • 2 State-of-the-art technology is used to diagnose and create personalized treatment plans
  • 3 Personalized treatment plans are implemented,
  • 4 Regular follow-ups

Unparalleled treatments

VU’s acclaimed solution expertly combines two leading dry eye treatments: a LLLT (Light Modulation®) mask and a gel-free IPL (OPL®). The patented LLLT treatment mask uses low-intensity light to activate ATP production and stabilize the tear film. The unique, self-calibrating and gel-free IPL stimulates the Meibomius glands, preventing the tear film from evaporating too quickly.


Starting at $250 for a combined IPL & LLLT treatment

Dry Eye Treament Benefits
  • 1 Reduced need for artificial tears or eye drops
  • 2 Reduced dry eye symptoms
  • 3 Improved overall eye health

Improved Eye Health

At VU, we use the results from the OPD Scan III scanner to quantify visual aberrations and target, among others metrics, those caused by dry eyes. This integral part of eye health is often overlooked during traditional eye exams. However, relying only on glasses or contact lenses as correction tools is not always sufficient for achieving optimal eye health. Dry eye treatments can help optimize your vision.

Additional Dry Eye Treatment Benefits
  • 1 Reduced appearance of lines and scarring
  • 2 Reduced rosacea
  • 3 Improvement of other conditions such as Chalazion and Demodex
  • 4 Better results for surgical procedures (Cataract and Lasik)

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