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How do you see the evolution of street art in the coming years?

Street art has taken an interesting turn; I think we now are in a post-street art movement, where artists who have never made graffiti or street art are grouped together in this category. Artists like Laurence Vallières, for example, who are not necessarily street artists, but use materials taken and found in the street.

How did your artistic background lead you to this type of art?

A: In my case, I was always interested in graffiti. For over 10 years now, I have been taking part in this and have worked with other street artists.

E: I knew from very early on that visual arts were my passion. In both my studies and work, I quickly turned to this field. I have always been intrigued by artistic movements that do not require the involvement of a museum or a gallery to be and be understood. Whether it is public art, postal art or performance art… but my love for urban art came to be thanks to Adam and our discussions about emerging artists whom he admired. Street art seemed to be the ultimate example of art that takes shape through people’s interactions. The idea to open a gallery came a few years later. Gallery Station 16 was always meant to be a place where people meet, exchange ideas, where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts on this artistic movement.

In a few words, what does it entail to have an art gallery like Station 16?

Our average day involves selling art, giving lectures and interviews, and promoting our artists online. We also started a new department that helps to locate our artists’ projects and murals.

Do you consider Montreal an ideal location to see this type of art flourish?

Montreal is a great city for artists because it is still very affordable to live here, which makes for a very creative city.


How did your print shop evolve into an avant-garde art gallery in the field?

It was my idea to grow beyond just printing textiles and to start working with the artists with whom I connected on the street. We started printing with a few local artists, and people regularly visited the print shop. We started sending and selling prints online, but that did not stop people from going directly to the print shop. We knew we would need a gallery to manage the public and grow the business.

When it comes to choosing a new frame, what details do you look for?

A: I like frames that are different and dark, I have a lot of dark features and I find that dark frames suit me best!

E: Being Adam’s total opposite on almost every level, I like flashy things. I don’t like to take myself too seriously when it comes to fashion accessories. Frames are made to show character! Life is too short to try to go incognito!


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