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Considering that the fashion industry is very competitive, why choose the difficult path?

CEB: The quick answer is simply because we love it. Yes, the industry is very competitive but it’s mainly because it is accessible. Everyone can print a design on a garment and sell it. There is therefore a lot of supply for the demand, and quality is not always a guarantee of success. For our part, we do it because it comes naturally and because we enjoy it. We like to experiment, try different styles, fabrics and designs, use visuals to go with the product, tell a story and deliver our message, and see people’s reactions.

Do you have any rituals during the creation of your clothes?

CEB: Before creating a collection, regardless of its size or direction, we have a long brainstorming period. We make moodboards with samples of fabrics used in previous collections and others that inspire us. Afterwards, we create the new collection, making sure there is cohesion and complementarity between the new pieces.

Streetwear is a rather vague term, what does it represent to you?

CEB: It represents the best elements from hip hop, skate and surf cultures. These three cultures have evolved so much through time, sometimes in parallel, sometimes in opposition. Which is precisely the beauty of streetwear; because the concept of “best elements” is so subjective that everyone can interpret it and express it in their own way.


CEB: I think we can really talk about Montreal as a city of trendsetters. We are not a ”suit and tie” type of city. Montreal is a city where one can experiment, express one’s difference and creativity, and where so many cultures mix and come together. This is why we are known for our lifestyle, and this reality is reflected in our dress style.

How would you describe Bonvilain in just a few words?

CEB: I think that what could say a lot about what we represent, on a spelling level, is our name which is written Bonvilain. In one word. This is very important because it is our ideology. The two are inseparable and express the duality that inhabits us and with which we live every day. 6. When it comes to choosing a new frame, what details do you look for? CEB: It depends on where we are in life, I would say. It is the accessory that we wear every day, most people only have one pair, and we usually want to keep them for 2-3 years, so it’s an important decision. Right now, I would say that my style and my daily life are pretty sober, so I indulge and I let my glasses show my somewhat eccentric side.


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