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1. Is there a common guideline for all your establishments?

RP/ JF: Hospitality has always been our guiding principle; in our philosophy we try to send an image of comfort to our community, we try to respect the people we work with and the products we use.

2. Do you have any rituals that go along with the creation of a menu?

JF: My rituals involve staying authentic in my culinary choices and respecting good fresh products without over-transforming them, as well as simplicity using proper cooking techniques.

3. What are your most important culinary influences?

RP: For me, being a sommelier and a restaurateur, my inspiration and most important influence in hospitality remains Danny Meyer. I admire Chef Ferra Adria for his enormous creativity and Chef Massimo Bottura for his passion and simplicity.

4. What are your most important culinary influences?

JF: My cuisine is influenced by the cuisine of the south of France and the north of Spain. I love the traditional and historic side behind every dish.

5. The story of your partnership and how is it still relevant today?

RP/JF: We met at Time Supper Club 12 years ago, we worked together, we became friends, and ever since, we naturally talked about the idea and the dream of opening a restaurant or a bar. The idea followed us for 4 years until our dream became reality when we opened Barroco. The most important aspect of this partnership is that we always remain true to our philosophy and our passion, but above all is the fact that we have the same vision as the other partners!

6. When it comes to choosing a new frame, what details do you look for?

JF: I like gold or silver frames. Mirror lenses are cool, I also like black on black.

RP: For me, it must fit my face; I can’t wear frames that are too round… the rest is a matter of vibe. I have to be able to see myself wearing them in my car, biking, on the beach, on a terrace. They must match my style, most of all.


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